I am so so sorry.

Everything dies.
Everyone leaves.
And everything dies.

I am not ready for this.
Can we just rewind?

I am honored to have been able to watch my amazing cousins grow and mature; I am completely humbled to be the oldest of these. #christmas2013

“For our lives we break.”

Is it time? Can we finally move beyond all of this mediocrity and distraction? Can we finally break free? Beyond and through this circumstance lies a wealth of life!

God, yes. It’s time.

Though men may come and women may weep, 

So we run them fast asleep.

In the privies they whine and cry

Til the night finds itself a sky

Suitable for bleeding things

Enough to find my flesh’s wings.

"For the sake of our ghosts, we need continue on."

"For the sake of our ghosts, we need continue on."

“Shall we dance, beloved?”
“And so I try something new, at the end of my rope. Perhaps this will lead to my resolution.”

Pack it all up and send me straight to hell. Simplify the inane quantity of my alleged expansion, and damn me to the abyss. Allow yourself some closure; send me down, for all I shall ever desire is to be up.

“For the sake of our ghosts, we need continue on.”
“I never really sleep anymore.”
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          [and so
                      he rants.]

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