“Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss.”

- Alexandre Dumas

Anonymous asked:

I feel like giving up. And I'm scared.

I wrote this long ago, and it has become my motto, essentially. It is what I tell myself to keep going for. I write it everything, use variants of it as my passwords, etc, so I ALWAYS run into it, say it, and repeat it to myself subconsciously, wearing it into my soul.

For I live with [such hope].


I also have the universal power symbol tattooed on my chest over my heart as a reminder that I am alive everyday, that I am here, that I choose to be here, that I am powered on.

"There is always hope."
~ Gandalf ~

Chaos and carnage, embrace me in this new home.
Take me with you down the isles of no return.
Bury me alone in a burnt chapel.
Flog me senseless, then rape my mind.
Force yourself onto me and take everything but my life.
Cast my sanity into the inferno and engulf my senses in darkness.
Smother me in ashes and bathe me in blood.
Here I have come for you, eager and willing.

And here you shall break under me as cattle to the whip.
Bend, now, before me, and pray to your god for mercy;
You shall receive none from me.
So do your worst, and take me down with you.
Let us fall into the eternal pit together, fire and ice.
Let us pledge to each other our dignities, and abandon our sorrows for the hope of loss.

Fall with me.

Can I please just be alone here for like a month?

My new super OCD minimalist home screen. Using the Gel icon pack, Nova Prime Launcher, and wallpaper from Wallbase.

Fuck, I have such problems.

“It’s not your fault, but you just have absolutely no idea.”

So they all fled.

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